License Types

For users on our platform-based pricing, we offer different licenses that coincide with different packages.

Where do these license types show up?

If you have the Sales Development Analytics, Demand Gen Analytics, or SaaS Analytics packages, you will see multiple Buy More Licenses buttons on Settings > Sales Licenses, Settings > Additional Licenses, and Settings > Logins. You will also see multiple columns of checkboxes on the licensing pages.

What are the different license types?

Sales Analytics
  • Sales Analytics licenses include Activity, Opportunity and Deal data.
  • Use Sales Analytics licenses for your Account Executives and Sales Reps.
Sales Development Analytics
  • Sales Development Analytics licenses include Lead and Contact data, but not won Opportunities.
  • Use Sales Development Analytics licenses for employees who prospect or qualify new opportunities and focus at the top of the funnel such as Business Development or Sales Development Reps.
  • These licenses are free to add for an employee who already has a Sales Analytics license.
SaaS Analytics
  • SaaS Analytics licenses include Renewal Opportunity and Account data.

  • Use SaaS Analytics for Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, or other employees who own renewals, if they don't already have a Sales Analytics license.

Demand Gen Analytics
  • Demand Gen Analytics licenses include Lead and Contact data.
  • Use Demand Gen Analytics licenses for Marketing users or other employees who own Prospects and do not already have a Sales Development Analytics license.

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