Reporting on Activities for Multiple Teams [Staffing]

If you have multiple teams of folks with different roles, you will likely want to see different kinds of activities for each team. We can do this by setting up multiple Activities reports.

If you don't already have multiple Activities reports, you will need to contact support to have those configured. You can then follow the steps below to make sure the right employees and activities are showing up on each report.  

Step 1: Setting Up Users

First we'll need to split your employees into their teams.  If your team is comprised of Recruiters and Sales Reps, you would head over to Settings > Employee Tags, add a tag for each role, and tag each employee with their corresponding team. Learn more about setting up tags here.

Note: If you have several team members who work both sides of the desk, you can tag them with both Recruiting and Sales and they will show up on both reports.  

Step 2: Activities & Attribution

The next step is to decide what activities you would like to see for each team. 

For example, you might want to see: 

Sales Recruiting
Job Order Job Order
Phone Screen (Attributed to Job Order Owner) Submission
Client Submission Client Submission (Attributed to Internal Submitter)
Interview Interview (Attributed to Internal Submitter)
Placement (Attributed to Job Order Owner)     Placement (Attributed to Internal Submitter)

As you can see, we've included attribution in the above table where needed. To properly configure your activities, the support team will need to know how you would like the activities to be credited.

More information on attribution can be found here.

Note: Each Activities report is limited to nine activities.

If we have to configure any activities that are not currently configured, support will need to handle that for you, but if you want to adjust which already-configured activities are appearing on each report, you can update the corresponding lists

Along with splitting the Activities report, we can also create separate Activity Ratios reports for your teams. As with the Activities reports, support will need to create the duplicate Activity Ratios reports, but you can then edit the ratios as needed. 

Step 3: User Profiles

The next thing we have to set up is which set of activities to associate with each tag.  When your employees go to their My Activity report, InsightSquared needs to know which Activity report to display for each employee.

Head over to Settings> User Profiles and add a Function for each of your teams, then select a function for each employee. 


Note: In User Profiles, each employee can only be assigned to one Function. This will not affect how they appear in your reports - it just determines which set of activities they see in their My Activities report. If this creates any concern for full desk employees, you can talk to support about creating a third activity set and function specifically for those individuals.

Additional Resources

Send us an email if there's anything we can clarify further. We'd be more than happy to help!



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