Logging into InsightSquared with Salesforce Single Sign On

Getting Salesforce users setup with access to InsightSquared using Single Sign-On:

When a new user is being given access to InsightSquared the Administrator will need to enable them from the Logins page in Settings.

Once the Administrator clicks Enable the user will be sent an email that looks like this:

When the user clicks the Set Your Password button they will be brought to a page where they can either create a password to be associated with their email address or Login With Salesforce.

If the user chooses to Login With Salesforce they will be redirected to a Salesforce login page:

Once the user signs into their Salesforce instance they will be asked to grant us permission to access their info:

When the user clicks the Allow button they will be directed into InsightSquared.

Disconnecting Single Sign-On

When logged into InsightSquared if the user would like to disconnect the Single Sign-On link, they can do so by clicking the Disconnect Salesforce Login button from the drop-down under their username in the upper right corner:

Please Note: If a user disconnects their Single Sign-On and they had never set up a password they will need to go to the Login Screen and click Forgot Your Password to generate a new one and be able to log in to InsightSquared.

Setting up Single Sign-On outside of Welcome Email

If you set up login credentials for InsightSquared and did not opt to use Salesforce Single Sign-On but would now like to change that simply go to the login screen for InsightSquared, but instead of entering your email and password click the Login With Salesforce button.  You will be brought to a screen that looks like this:



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