Setting up API Access to JIRA

To take advantage of JIRA reporting in InsightSquared you will need to set up an Application Link between JIRA and InsightSquared before you can authenticate.

  1. Log into JIRA
  2. Navigate to 'Applications' within the JIRA Administration menu:

  3. Select "Application Links" from the list in the left navigation bar:

  4. Once you arrive at the 'Configure Application Links' screen, type '' (no quotes) into the text box and click "Create New Link":

    If you get an error message after doing this, change nothing and hit 'Continue.

  5. Next you'll be presented wtih a 'Link Applications' form. Enter 'InsightSquared' (no quotes) as Application Name and select JIRA for Application Type, then click Continue:

  6. Click Edit on the InsightSquared application link in the list:

  7. Go to the 'Incoming Authentication' menu and set the, consumer key, consumer name, and public key as follows:

    (Public Key pasted below for ease)


  8. Click Save
  9. Head back to the Connector Management page to enter in your JIRA subdomain and connect!
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