Customizing Your InsightSquared Reports (for Admins)

Customize is a set of features available to InsightSquared Administrators that puts you in control of your company's reports. 

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can modify existing InsightSquared reports to appear just the way you want them.

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Accessing Customize

  1. Mouse over the gear icon  in the top right corner of the report you would like to customize. 
  2. The icon will expand. Click Customize.

You are now in Customize.

Read below to learn about the available configuration options. 

Note: If you don't see a gear icon, you most likely do not have admin privileges. Contact your company's administrator or reach out to support if you believe there is an error.

Configuration Options

On the left side of the Customize screen are three different sections: Preview, Table Editor, and Advanced.

Advanced is only accessible to InsightSquared staff members. The other two sections are detailed below. 



Click into any of the field names below for more details on their function.

  • Report Title
    Change the report title by typing your preferred title in this field.

    This will change the title of the report above the headline on the report screen. It does not change the report name in the navigation panel.

  • Note: To reset this to the default, delete the contents and save the report.
  • Pivot Name
    Modify the name of the Tab/Pivot that you are viewing. 
  • Pivot Enabled
    Hide a Tab/Pivot from view.

    Note: Setting this to false will disable any dashboard modules that are currently using that Pivot. 


This is where you can set Report Default Filters. You can learn more about default filters in this article.  

Note: Filters added in this section will show up on all of the pivots of this report by default and will be visible to all users viewing the report.


Learn more about Report Lists here.

Date Range

To change the default date range on a report: 

  1. Uncheck the Use Report Default checkbox.
  2. Choose the new default date range. 

This changes the default, but any user can still change the date range they are looking at by selecting their desired date range on the report. 

Value (Salesforce Only)

This section only appears on reports where there are configuration options related to values.  

  • Screen Value

    Select the default value to display for this report. The choices are always Primary - Amount, Primary - PLIs, or Secondary.

    Primary - Amount and Secondary are based on the Primary and Secondary Opportunity Values that can be configured on the Core Configuration page.

  • Second Value Name
    Rename your Second Value to something more meaningful to your company, such as TCV or ARR.
  • Use Dollars For Second Value
    If your Second Value is a count of things rather than a dollar amount, set this to False to properly display it. 

About This Report

Change the description of the report that appears in the right sidebar. Admins can use this to draw their users' attention to information about any customizations or company-specific information. 

Note: To reset the text to its default, delete the contents of the box and save the report.


This section contains different configuration options for each report. For more information on a specific option, search the Support Library for the article about the report you're viewing.

Table Editor

The Table Editor allows you to easily:

Click on any of the links above for more information on how to modify the columns in your report table. 


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