Setting up API Access to Salesforce



Accessing via API requires two elements:

1. Your edition

InsightSquared works with all editions that have API access. Some editions require API access to be purchased as an add-on, while some have this functionality included. 

For questions about whether your platform has API access, please contact Salesforce support.  

2.Your user account must be enabled for API access

The user account you give to InsightSquared must have API permissions.

These are located in:

  • Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > Custom Permissions > System Permissions > API Enabled 

Granting Access

How to grant InsightSquared access to your Salesforce data:

  1. An InsightSquared employee will email you a link. You may hear this referred to as an "OAuth" link, which is the technical term for the process we use to access your data. 
  2. Once you receive that link, one of your Salesforce administrators must click the link and then log into Salesforce (if they aren't already logged in). That's it!

What exactly does this link do?

Clicking the link will tell Salesforce to send our system an access 'token' that we can use to access your data. The token is not your username and password, but you can think of it as InsightSquared's own username and password that you've granted to us. Therefore, our token is unaffected if you change your own password. As long as your own user in Salesforce is enabled, then InsightSquared's access to your data will stay active.

You're able to view and revoke the tokens you've granted to applications like InsightSquared, as described in this Salesforce support article:


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