Why am I not receiving emails from InsightSquared?

All Emails

If you aren't receiving any emails, here are a few things to check for:

  • A typo: For security against hackers, the site won't tell you if you entered an email address that doesn't have an account. Try it again to make sure you didn't have a typo. Your email address is not case-sensitive.
  • Wrong address: Did you type in a different email address than the one that you use to log in to InsightSquared?  Many of our customers have multiple email addresses for the same person, like: joe@acme.com versus j.doe@acme.com versus joe@acmeinc.com
  • Personal Spam Folder: Check your spam folder for an email from reports@insightsquared.com with a subject of InsightSquared Password Reset
  • Company-Level Spam Filter: Many firms have a spam filter on the email server that would prevent spam from even getting to the spam folder that you can see. This is by far the most common reason that folks find that they aren't receiving emails from InsightSquared. Your IT administrator should know whether your company has this kind of spam filter configured. 
  • Account turned on: Have you successfully logged in to InsightSquared before? If not, check with one of your account administrators to make sure they have enabled your account.

Account Setup Email

If you did not receive the email to set up your account, you can request a fresh email by following the steps to reset your password.

Scheduled Emails

If you aren't receiving scheduled emails, here are a few additional things to check:

  • Subscription: It's possible that someone unsubscribed you by accident, the scheduled email no longer exists, or the frequency is not set correctly. As long as you have a login to InsightSquared, you can go to Settings > Scheduled Reports to check and change your email subscriptions. On that same page, you can also check that your email address is correct.
  • Delayed Emails: There’s a chance that something on our end has held up your email delivery for the morning. First, check out our Service Notices page to see if there are any helpful updates there, and if not, please email support
  • Server Issues & Bounces: Email servers can hiccup in all sorts of ways, which mean an email can bounce back to us even when we're sending it to a valid email address. When emails bounce, our email system automatically stops sending emails to that address. To determine if this is the case, send an email to support@insightsquared.com, mentioning which of the above steps you've tried, and we'll be happy to look into it for you. 
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