Installing the InsightSquared tab in the Salesforce Lightning Experience

You can access every report in InsightSquared without leaving Salesforce with the InsightSquared tab.

Follow this link to install the InsightSquared Salesforce Package 

Note: If you are using Salesforce Classic, please refer to the instructions here.

Step 1: Add the Package


When prompted, select which users have access to the tab. We recommend granting access to all users.

Step 2: Complete Installation


After the package finishes installing, click Done.

Step 3: Edit the Navigation Items


From the main page click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner.  A box will open up on the screen asking you if you want to rearrange the existing items on your menu or "Add More Items".  Click the "Add More Items" button.

Step 4: Search for the InsightSquared App


After clicking the "Add More Items" button another window will open asking you to search for the app that you want to add to your navigation menu.  From the Available Items list select, "All" then search for InsightSquared.  Click the plus icon next to InsightSquared then click "Add New Items" in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 5: Arranging Your Apps


Drag the new item up to the spot where you want it to appear on the Salesforce menu.  When you're ready, click Save.


Step 7: Finish Up


After clicking the Save button the page will refresh and you should now see your InsightSquared tab in the menu.  Happy analyzing!

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