Setting up API Access to Marketo

API Access Setup

To take advantage of Marketo reporting in InsightSquared you will need to enable an API User and REST API service for InsightSquared to pull data from. To do this:

  1. In 'Users and Roles' add a new role and check all of the 'Read-Only' fields within 'Access API'
  2. Create a new user (for the API) and give it the role from step 1. Check the 'API Only' box.
  3. Within the admin menu, select 'LaunchPoint' under the integration section:

  4. Add a new service with the following criteria:

You're almost finished! Now that you've set up the API user and service that InsightSquared can use to access your data, you just need to copy a few items to be used in the InsightSquared configuration of the Marketo Connector.


Copying Credentials for InsightSquared

Specifically, InsightSquared needs the custom URLs where your data is hosted, and some secure identifiers.

  1. Within the Launchpoint menu, Select 'View Details' from the Custom service you created in step 4 of the API Access setup
  2. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Keep these safe, but you will need them to finish the setup in InsightSquared!

  3. Click Web Services in the admin menu under Integration

  4. Copy the REST API Endpoint and Identity. Save those and keep them handy, you'll need them to finish the setup in InsightSquared.

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