Using Employee Tags to Analyze Teams

In InsightSquared, you can tag your employees as members of different teams or groups and then use those tags to filter your reports. 

How do I add, apply, and manage tags?

Adding a tag

  1. From Settings > Reports & Views > Employee Tags, click the Manage Tags button
  2. Then click Add Tag.

Applying a Tag

  • Once you have created your new tags, you can apply them to employees by clicking Edit Tags next to each employee's name and selecting the tags which should apply to that employee.

Renaming and Deleting Tags

  • From the Manage Tags view, you can also rename and delete existing tags.  

How do I filter on employee tags?

There are several filters that use employee tags. 

  • SFDC
    • Activity Author
    • Lead Owner
    • Opportunity Owner
    • Revenue Owner
  • Staffing
    • Activity Author
    • Job Order Owner
    • Revenue Owner

Not all filters are available on every report, but if you suspect any of them are not set up in your instance, please have an Admin contact the support team.

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