Champ and the Champ Slack Integration

Before we get into common questions associated with the Champ App, let's start with where to find it.  Click here to download the Champ App.


Is there a way to see more of the details on a deal than what Champ shows me?

You bet! On any deal card, tap “View More” and we’ll show you the full opportunity in Salesforce. By default, we’ll redirect you to the Salesforce1 app. If you don’t have that installed, we’ll just load the corresponding opportunity in Salesforce in your device’s default browser.



How come I don't see any of my company's deals when I sign in?

Sorry to hear that. It could have to do with your read-access permissions in Salesforce. In order to use Champ, you need—at a minimum—read access to the Opportunity object in Salesforce. Permissions are determined by your User Profile and can be viewed from Settings in Salesforce.

From Settings, click Administer > Manage Users > Users and find yourself on the list. Then, click on your Profile—it should be underlined near the top right of the User page. You’ll be taken to the Profiles section of Settings. Click Object Settings, and see what Object Permissions you have for Opportunities. If you don’t see Read listed next to Opportunities, you won’t be able to see new deals in Champ. Your best option is probably to talk to your Salesforce administrator and see if you can get that changed.



How does Champ determine which deals to show when I first sign in?

When you first log in to Champ with your Salesforce credentials, we’ll show you any deals from the current month that match your Opportunity filters. If you didn’t set any filters during sign up, you’ll see all deals won that month.



The deal values Champ is showing don't seem right to me. What's up?

Sounds like your Salesforce configuration has multiple amount fields on Opportunities. You can specify which amount field Champ displays within the app. Tap the gearbox on the top right corner, then tap Amount, and pick which value you want Champ to use.



Can I filter which deals I get notified about?

Yes. When you get started with Champ, we give you the option of adding filters to your deal feed. You can add a filter for any Salesforce field that’s defined by a picklist, e.g. “Opportunity Type.” To add a filter, first select a field from the list of available options, then select which picklist values you want to include. For example, you might want to filter on Opportunity Type and only see deals with the type of “New Business” or “New Customer.”



Will Champ cause us to exceed our Salesforce API usage limit?

Great question and we take this very seriously. Champ has some built-in features to monitor API usage on an organizational basis and our system is built to be as judicious as possible with API calls. That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Exceeding your Salesforce API limit can be expensive and interrupt your team’s productivity, and we certainly don’t want that. We want everyone on the team to be able to celebrate deals without having to worry about API consumption. Here are two things you can do to spread the celebration:

  1. Get out our free Sales Leaderboard on the AppExchange. That way, anyone within earshot of the office TV will know as soon as a deal closes.
  2. Install our free Slack integration. That way the whole team can celebrate deals with GIF parties and emoji responses.



How come I'm not getting any push notifications when deals close?

Oof, that’s no good. First thing’s first: let’s see if you granted Champ permission to send you push notifications.

iOS Users

From your iPhone/iPad, launch the Settings app and tap on Notifications. Scroll through the list of apps under the headline INCLUDE. Is Champ listed there? If it is, tap on it, and make sure that Allow Notifications is turned on.

If Notifications are on for Champ and you’re still not seeing notifications, you may want to reset the app’s registration with Apple’s Push Notification Services (APNS). To do that:

  • Uninstall Champ from your phone.
  • Turn your iOS device off completely, then turn it back on.
  • In the Settings app, go to General > Date & Time, and move the date ahead a day or more.
  • Turn your iOS device off completely, then turn it back on.
  • Redownload Champ from the App Store, and click “OK” when prompted about push notifications in the app.
  • Set your Date & Time back to normal.

Android Users

From your Android device, open Settings and tap on Sound and notification. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and tap on Application notifications. Scroll to “Champ” on the app list and tap it. Now, make sure that the option to “Block all notifications from this application” is off. You may also want to change the “Set as priority” toggle to ON so that your deal notifications are always at the top of the notification panel.

Okay I tried that and it’s still not working.

We stop checking for deals if you become inactive in the app. This isn’t some villainous reengagement tactic—we’re trying to be respectful of your Salesforce API rate limits. If you don’t open the app for a while (over a week), you may have received a notification asking you to come back. After 2 weeks of inactivity, we stop checking for deals until you reopen the app.



What types of Salesforce configurations does Champ handle?

Champ’s alerts are triggered the first time an Opportunity is moved into a win stage. When you first sign into Champ, you must set at least one win stage, e.g. “closed won.”



When I tried to say congrats to someone it told me something about configuring Mail? What's up with that?

For now, Champ only supports sending congrats through Apple’s default Mail app on iOS. You might see this message if you don’t have an email account configured for Mail. For example, if you use the Gmail app or Mailbox on iOS, you might not have a default email address for Mail.

To check, open Settings (the gear icon) from your home screen, tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and see if anything is listed under the Accounts header. If it only says “Add Account” you don’t have a default email address and you won’t be able to say congrats from Champ until that’s set up.



I got notified about a deal that closed a while ago. What's happening?

The mostly likely situation here is that someone updated an Opportunity in Salesforce that closed-won before you installed Champ. Certain changes in the Opportunity History table, e.g. stage change or amount change, may trigger this. We apologize for any surplus celebration you may experience.



I got an error when connecting with Salesforce that told me to contact my admin. What's happening?

Salesforce instances are like snowflakes. Each one is unique in its own right, so it’s difficult to say with certainty what the root cause is. That said, the most common issue we’ve seen so far is that organizations do not have their REST API enabled. Champ relies on this to access your Opportunities.

For the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions, the REST API is automatically enabled. For Salesforce Professional Edition, you may need to contact Salesforce support to enable the REST API if it’s not enabled for your organization yet.



I love Champ! How can I share my appreciation for this app?

Aw, you’re making us blush! If you agree that Champ is the best way to get notified about your Salesforce deals, we would definitely love it if you left a review saying so in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or, if you’re more of a social media maven, feel free to share Champ with friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.



How can I control which deals get posted to Slack?

Champ settings like win stages, deal filters, and amount field are handled in the mobile app. Just open the app, tap the gearbox on the top right, and make your changes. The Slack integration inherits its filter and amount settings based on the Salesforce user that authenticates in Slack.



I want to move my Champ Slack integration to another channel. How do I do that?

If you want to move Champ to another channel, you’ll need to remove the integration from your Services page in Slack—the channel is listed directly below each instance—and then re-add it from the original link.



How do I safely uninstall Champ?

If you’ve determined that Champ isn’t for you—and we begrudgingly respect that decision—we recommend that you sign out of the app before removing it from your phone to make sure that the app isn’t checking for deals anymore.

If you just uninstalled the app, or want to be absolutely sure that the connection between your Salesforce and Champ is severed, you can sign out from this page.

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow.



Despite all your useful answers here, I still have questions. What can I do?

Shoot us a note at We’d love to hear from you.

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