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3 Tips to Scale Faster in 2020 play-button.png
As we write the final chapter of 2019, it’s time to draw an outline for 2020. Most companies we speak with are in growth mode and the need to scale fast is at the very top of their priorities. In order to hit your aggressive goals for next year, you’ll want to dive into the data and understand what worked well, what needs improvement, what should be increased and what should be eliminated. [That assessment is only part one.] The key is execution. As you launch new goals, strategies, and initiatives at events like Sales Kickoff, it's critical to also have a plan to reinforce your vision and programs throughout the year. We're here to help! In this on-demand webinar we cover: * The most important metrics to review your 2019 performance * How to train, ramp and coach reps faster and more effectively * How to prepare for your Sales Kickoff * How to stay on track of your 2020 initiatives .

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Trust Your Data. Trust Your Forecast. InsightSquared + Olono play-button.png
Sales Activity is one of the most effective predictors of sales success. Yet, today a massive amount of sales activity data is invisible to sales leaders, creating huge risks. Everything from missed forecasts to lost rep productivity to customer churn. That’s exactly why InsightSquared acquired Olono, creating the most complete end-to-end RevOps platform. Olono automatically collects sales activity and prospect engagement data from 80+ sources without burdening reps, then automates coaching with Actions. That means you’ll instantly know: Every activity that occurred (emails, meetings, calls, attachments…) Every step that was skipped Every risk and exception Every opportunity for managers to coach Once you have all the deal data, you can understand gaps, where the risks lie, and how to positively impact deals before it’s too late. Join this webinar to get a first look at the features and functionality and learn how Olono can help quickly bring visibility to your Q4 pipeline.

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Review and Reflect: Mid Year Review play-button.png
Believe it or not, we’re more than halfway through the calendar year!Now is the time to deep dive into your first-half performance, compare results to previous years, and identify where to focus efforts for the second half of the year. In this webinar we'll discuss how to best review your efforts and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure a successful finish to 2019. Key takeaways include: Identifying who mid-year reviews are for, from the board down to BDR's Uncovering which metrics and KPI's most relevant to your business to review How to make changes for the second half based on what you’ve discovered

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Managing Your Customer Success Team with InsightSquared play-button.png
Customer happiness and retention are the foundation for any company to truly see a shift in revenue growth. Understanding how your customers interact with your business is essential to building a partnership that lasts. Key takeaways include: Creating reporting consistency for your customer focused team, Areas you should be targeting for growth, How to tailor reporting based on customer satisfaction, Important metrics to track, and Understanding how and why your MRR/ARR is changing overtime

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Product Update Webinar: Q2 2019 play-button.png
See what InsightSquared has been working on the last quarter and get a sneak peek to what we're launching soon. Key takeaways are enhancements to team forecast callouts, new forecast category flow report, SFDC Field History, and a sneak peek into our new Marketing Analytics interface.

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Spring Cleaning: Does Your Pipeline Spark Joy? play-button.png
Spring Cleaning: Does Your Pipeline Spark Joy? Knowing if your pipeline is “healthy” can be difficult to judge. What’s the quality of your open opportunities? Are reps holding on to opportunities for too long? You need visibility into the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to understand your pipeline hygiene.

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Cracking the Code: Your Perfect Pipeline play-button.png
Managing your pipeline is tough. You need to understand how your company, your reps, and your processes are performing, and you can only do this with actionable, real-time intelligence on your sales and marketing KPIs. Key topics will include: Defining the perfect pipeline Identifying winning vs. losing opportunities Using the right levers to generate qualified pipeline Measuring the right metrics for success

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Using Data to Run Your SDR Team play-button.png
The key to any successful sales organization is activity. But which activities get deals across the finish line? How do you know when to course correct and try something different? The answer is in the data.

View this webinar with Tom LoMedico, InsightSquared’s Business Development Director, to learn how to identify which KPIs your Sales Development team should act on to drive results.

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Recapping Your 2018 Performance play-button.png
As 2018 winds down chances are you are scrambling to close out any final deals before years end. Once the ball drops on New Years its all about recapping your 2018 performance and laying out your plan for hitting your 2019 targets. Join us for this webinar that will take you through the steps needed to put together a comprehensive recap and a strong go-forward plan. In this session we'll cover:

- Building a deck using InsightSquared reports showing your 2018 performance
- Understanding key takeaways from 2018
- How to use your year-end momentum to start 2019 off in a strong position

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How to Set Your Marketing Team Up for Success in 2019 play-button.png
As 2019 approaches, it's time for marketing teams to start strategizing for the new year. Watch the webinar from Wednesday, December 12th to learn how to prepare your team for success in Q1 and beyond.

New Breed and InsightSquared will be covering:

- Best practices for reviewing your marketing team's annual performance
- How to effectively allocate your marketing budget in 2019
- Tips to ramp up your marketing strategy in the new year

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Fall 2018 Product Update play-button.png
A lot has changed at InsightSquared. This webinar will highlight what has changed, and what is on the roadmap for the future. Our Director of Product Marketing, Bei Wang, will be leading the session to chat about all the great new features InsightSquared is offering for our customers. Here are just some of the new products and features we'll be discussing:

- Marketing Analytics
- Reports Platform
- Employee Subgoals

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Grow Revenue in 100 Days or Less play-button.png
It's important to constantly be evaluating your sales process. Even if you are just making small tweaks, these can have a large impact upstream. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry we have the webinar for you! We've partnered with the experts at Winning By Design, to bring you Grow Revenue in 100 Days or Less - a webinar next Wednesday, November 7th at 1:00pm ET.

In this webinar, we'll be chatting with Dominique Levin and Ryan Cahill from Winning By Design about:

- Small sales process changes that can have a big impact
- Examples where clients had gaps in their process and how they resolved them
- The importance of using data to prioritize which changes you should make first

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Hiring and Ramping to Win play-button.png
Growing a sales team is hard. Hire, onboard and ramp the best in a scalable, repeatable way. Come for the strategy, stay for the tactics. Key takeaways include:

- Develop a hiring process for context, capability and diversity
- Determine who and how to engage as you tie onboarding to hiring (understand quickly if you are hiring the right people)
- Build an onboarding program that supports the efficient ramp of your sales team
- Create certification that delivers leading indicators that predict outcomes

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Using Data to Hit Your 2019 Targets play-button.png
As we’re wrapping up Q3 and beginning Q4 most sales leaders are already thinking of 2019 targets and forecasts. If you’re like most, your first thought is “can I actually hit this number?”

Don't panic, we have the solution. In this webinar we’ll be talking with Joe Caprio, Vice President of Sales at Chorus.ai to discuss:
- How he uses InsightSquared to analyze the historical performance of his team
- How 2018 performance data can be used to set realistic sales targets for 2019
- How data can be used to arrive at the headcount needed to achieve the said target

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Forecasting with InsightSquared play-button.png
Forecasting is one of the most important aspects of running a sales organization, but doing it correctly can be baffling. All too often forecasts are wildly inaccurate and based on false assumptions about your team's metrics. At InsightSquared we've developed a portfolio approach to forecasting with a variety of reports that can help you narrow in on your number.

In this session we'll cover:

- The different forecasting reports that InsightSquared offers and what types of businesses should be using each
- How to coach your team to be accurate with their forecasts earlier in the month
- Present you with a forecasting dashboard that your team can utilize right away to get accurate numbers faster

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Coaching Your Reps with InsightSquared play-button.png
We constantly hear that managers and reps 1:1's are too tactical. Too focused on the next deal or opportunity that needs work. Between discussing all of these deal points there's rarely time to have an honest coaching discussion that teaches reps how to better evaluate and push deals across the finish line. If you feel like your team falls into this trap, you're not alone! In this session we'll cover:

- How to hold an effective coaching discussion with your rep(s)
- Discuss the cadence for these sessions, the format, and who should be included
- Provide you with a dashboard that you can use to quickly identify the areas that your team is struggling with so you can have a focused coaching discussion that gets real results

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Shortening Your Sales Cycle play-button.png
Are you having trouble getting your sales team to move deals through your process fast enough. Does it feel like deals are being lost at different stages and you aren't sure why? Do you have a clear picture of what a winning deal looks like vs a losing deal? If you answered "no" to any of these questions than this webinar is for you. Join our Sr. Director of Sales, Randy DeHaan to understand how he manages his team's sales cycle and finds ways to make improvements through coaching and process changes. We'll also explore the InsightSquared dashboard that Randy uses to do this and share it with you following the training.

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Running a 1:1 with InsightSquared play-button.png
Do you feel like you're not getting enough out of the 1:1's that you're having with your reps? Does it feel like you're always focused on making sure the next deal is going to close, and never getting to focus on actual rep development? Do you have trouble identifying the behaviors that your reps are having trouble with? Then this is the webinar for you. In this session we'll focus on:

- Using data to have an informed discussion with your rep during their 1:1
- Helping to identify deals that are at risk, before they become lost causes
- Show you an InsightSquared dashboard that will make running your 1:1 a breeze

If you're ready to take the next step and develop your sales team into a team of rockstars then this session is for you!

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Introduction to InsightSquared: Reports & Dashboards play-button.png
Whether you're new to InsightSquared reporting or you could use a refresher on the finer points of dashboard-building, a bit of training is always helpful. Join us for a webinar that will help you go from being a novice to being a reporting rockstar! Bring your questions and invite your team members for an Intro to InsightSquared: Reports & Dashboards.

In this webinar we'll cover:
- Accessing InsightSquared
- Using and manipulating reports
- Building and customizing dashboards
- In product resources

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Introduction to Pipeline Managment play-button.png
At InsightSquared we know how difficult it can be to understand your pipeline. Between processes that aren't working and reps not entering data correctly, the issues can seem insurmountable. But with this webinar, our team will walk you through some steps to get started on analyzing the current state of your pipeline and direct you on actions you can take to better manage it going forward.

In this session we'll cover:

- Pipeline Management
- Key metrics to understand your pipeline
- Doing a deep dive on your existing pipeline to determine any glaring issues
- Give you a sneak peek of our new dashboard templates to help you better manage your pipeline going forward

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Q2 2018 Product Updates play-button.png
A lot has changed with InsightSquared over the last quarter. This webinar will highlight what has changed, and what is on the roadmap for the future. Our Director of Product, Ehren Foss, will be leading the session to chat about all the great new features InsightSquared is offering for our customers. We hope to see you there!

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Introduction to Managing Salesforce.com play-button.png
Learn from our expert how to utilize different objects in Salesforce.com. Get an overview of different marketing methods and best practices for converting leads to opportunities.

In this session we'll cover:
- Marketing and sales process methodology
- Utilizing the Lead object
- Utilizing the Contact object
- Utilizing the Account object
- Utilizing the Opportunity object

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