Building Reports AND Exploring Data in Slate

This post is about a couple different ways we see analysts leveraging Slate: building reports that will be shared across the organization and exploring data to help guide strategy. It is best to work on these two different pieces separately within Slate.

Slate files based on Marketo and Salesforce data tables for your CMO’s marketing attribution analysis should be saved in a marketing specific folder and a marketing attribution insight file. You can go back to these files if you need to make changes to your attribution model in the future.

You might also need to do additional investigation on your Marketo programs when trying to figure out how to attribute costs across your marketing initiatives. The best practice is to create a new uniquely named Slate table based on Marketo programs and put that in a folder dedicated to your individual explorations. This way, you can make any adjustments necessary to this Marketo programs table with the knowledge that the version of the table used as your organization’s point of truth for marketing attribution reporting is unchanged.




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