Feature Request: Pipeline Generation Goals

The problem: I would like to be able to set goals against the number and amount of opportunities created/pipeline sourced by company and by employee

Why: As a company with a long sales cycle, we want to make sure we're bringing in enough pipeline to be able to hit our business goals by the end of the year OR our SDR team is compensated based on pipeline creation, therefore we'd like to be able to set goals for this metric

Severity: High - we currently track goals for our AE team on Bookings, but have no way to track goals for our SDR team

Current Solution: Tracking data within Excel

Suggested Solution: Like InsightSquared's Bookings Goals, we'd like to be able to enter both number and amount goals for pipeline sourced/Opps created, these would then show on reports such as Pipeline Today by Employee or Pipeline Contribution




  • This would be huge! We need pipeline value goals as well for our SDRs and AEs. 

  • Thanks for that feedback Marc, this will be helpful information for our Product team!

  • I agree with Marc's comments...this would have a huge impact for our business as well.

  • 100% agree.  Now that groups like SDR's or even marketing are tasked with creating pipeline, we need to be able to set goals and measure against them and focus on the top of funnel versus just in funnel and wins!

  • Pipeline generation is a major quarterly goal for both sales and marketing. This would be super valuable to have.

  • I agree Pipeline generation is extremely important we track it and have set goals for pipeline as well.  This would be a great added feature.

  • We would love to have the ability to report on pipeline goals and attainment. Upvote from Recurly! 

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