What makes an opportunity "At Risk"?

On Pipeline Today, you may see some opportunities in red on the graph, or with a red circle in the "Risk" column in the table. These opportunities have been deemed "At Risk." There are 4 main factors that go into determining this:

  • Close Date Changes: Default settings - At Risk if the opportunity is pushed more than 3 times
  • Value: Default settings - At Risk if the value is much higher than a typical deal
  • Age in Stage: Default settings - At Risk if an opportunity is in a stage three times longer than normal
  • Momentum: Default settings - At Risk if less than 1 activity is logged on the opportunity in the last 10 business days

If these default settings are not appropriate for your workflow, Admins able to make changes by selecting the "Customize" gear in the top right of Pipeline Today. Open up the "Other" section on the left, and there will be an option to override the default for each of these factors. 

To learn more about how InsightSquared calculates risk, please visit our Support Library.




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