Chromecast for Leaderboard display

Has anyone tried using a chromecast as a display host for a leaderboard? 



  • Hi Matt! Thanks so much for your post -- we have had a few clients use chromecast before. We have occasionally seen them run into issues with audio due to restrictions on that tool, but largely it seems to be a good tool to use!

    This article on Leaderboard Hardware Setup walks through our recommended procedure for setting Leaderboards up. If you're looking to rotate the display, we know some folks have had success with plug-ins such as the Chrome Rotator and Refresher, to get multiple leaderboards to rotate on a single screen! 

  • Thanks Steph! I would make the suggestion that if the Leaderboards had URL's that were encoded they could be made publicly accessible and not require all the authentication that makes the embedded web browser in commercially available TV's unusable. Using Chrome Rotator and Refresher will require a full blown chrome box, and that presents an infrastructure hurdle as it needs to be mounted somewhere nearby and probably creatively so as to hide it from view. I've decided to go with an Intel compute stick for this, but a chrome cast would have been 1/3rd the cost.  That adds up as dashboards are deployed across multiple displays in multiple offices. 

  • Hey Matt -- Absolutely, that's a great suggestion, and thank you for the detail there! I just checked on some past requests on this same topic, and it sounds like this hasn't been built in the past due to security reasons: essentially, the leaderboard does always require an InsightSquared username and password (is not a public URL) in order to protect the security of the data and who is able to see it / broadcast it. I am checking with our eng team to see if any other options have been considered there, and will follow up here if there's more info! Thank you again for your post and reply, its always so helpful to have the context here! 

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