Can you create a filter with Primary Campaign Influence from Opportunities?

Wondering if I can create a filter for the Salesforce standard field called "Primary Campaign Influence"? I have the sales analytics package and do not see it in my Filter configuration page. I do see a field called Campaign ID and have a feeling that is the ID mapped to Primary Campaign Influence. What is the best practice for using Primary Campaign Influence as a filter? 



  • Hi Dave!

    Campaign filters are a bit more complex than other available filters. Additionally, the Campaign object is not pulled by default for the Sales Analytics package.

    That being said, since you are in the implementation stage, I'm going to flag this for your Implementation Consultant. This will allow us to confirm that we are addressing the exact business question you're looking to solve!

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  • Hey Dave - I had a similar question during onboarding, the approach I ended up using might be useful for you. We were more interested in the channel rather than individual campaign names. If you need the Primary Campaign name itself, and there isn't a way the InsightSquared folks can display the friendly campaign name instead of the Campaign ID, maybe you can use a similar approach with formula fields to get what you need as a custom SFDC field.

    I have a formula text field in SFDC on the oppty that pulls in the Primary Campaign's campaign type -- Webinar, Sales Prospecting, SDR, Tradeshow, BD, etc. I pull that in as a custom column in my InsightSquared reports. InsightSquared Support also help me set up some awesome custom config reports based on that new formula field -- bookings by Campaign Type, opps win rate by Campaign Type, etc. 


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  • Thanks Molly - I'll give that a try!

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