Report Highlights: Sales Cycle for Rep Management

Welcome to the InsightSquared Report Highlight Series. The intention of these posts is to take a deep dive into utilizing InsightSquared to make data informed decisions about your sales organization. We hope you will share ways your company utilizes these reports so that we can all learn from each other.

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Sales Cycle by Employee for Rep Management

As a sales leader, you need to know how well your reps are performing within the exit criteria you set in your stages. In this Report Highlight, we are going to focus in on the InsightSqaured Sales Cycle by Employee report and how to use your data to identify coaching opportunities as well as hone in on individual reps whose behavior may help improve process.

Let’s have a look at our sales cycle trailing six months:

While Joe Smith is spending a similar amount of time to the rest of the team in Evaluation, his time spent post-evaluation is substantially higher than the rest of the team. This is the perfect opportunity to pair Joe up with someone else on the team and push for better alignment along your sales process.

Who on the team is exuding the model behavior you want the entire team aligned with? Is the answer shortest sales cycle overall sales cycle, or shortest post-evaluation cycle? Dorothy McGuire has the shortest sales cycle, but is spending a third of her time in post-evaluation stages. Meanwhile, Joaquin and Catherine have a much smaller percentage of their sales cycle leaning on post-evaluation stages.

What direction to you want your team to head towards? This is not just an opportunity to help Joe succeed, but also an area where you can look at overall team performance and codify individual successes under a universal process.




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