Feature Request: Export Dashboards as PDF

Hey InsightSquared team - 

It would be great if, similar to the export report as PNG, we could export an entire dashboard as a PDF. 

Some use cases we have for this:

  • Monthly/quarterly QBRs with sales reps, so they can have a static report for their personal records and our HR system
  • Board-level reports - we don't want to give them access to InsightSquared!


  • Hi Molly, thanks for the request! We've heard this ask from other customers as well. A couple follow up questions:

    • Is the use case to print this out (hence PDF), or would users be better served exporting dashboards to a slide deck (PPT/Google Slides)?
    • If a slide deck, would you expect each dashboard card to be its own slide?
    • Similarly, would you expect the same for PDF (each card its own page)?
    • How much of the pain here is around preserving static views to compare performance over time (i.e. "snapshot" export of a dashboard for Q1, Q2, etc.)?


    - InsightSquared Product Team

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  • Hi there, thanks for replying!

    I can the need to export as a slide deck as well as PDF, but PDF is a more immediate need in my mind while slide deck is a nice-to-have I can work around with export as PNG - exporting each card as a dedicated slide (or more likely a subset of all dashboard cards - so it might actually be nice to select specific cards to export as slides if that's possible). 

    With the PDF export, I would want any headline tiles I've set side-by-side in the dashboard to appear on the same page of the PDF instead of individual pages. Some cards would certainly need to be full-page however depending on how I've sized them in the dashboard.

    Regarding preserving static views, that is a definite need! Right now I have a calendar reminder at the end of every month/quarter to take the data from specific IS2 dashboards and bring it into a few Excel sheets tracking KPIs month-over-month. That's ultimately faster than copying an entire dashboard and editing the date ranges card-by-card. Would be awesome to preserve a dashboard snapshot and be able to refer back to that instead. 

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