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I have built a dashboard with several cards that display similar data but with different filters reflecting different metrics of value to our business.  These headline cards are sometimes abbreviated and sometimes not.  How can I get these to be consistent?  Below is an example of what I'm seeing:




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    Thanks to everyone who has commented here! We've got an update to share on this front. 

    Our engineering team has deployed a solution that makes it such that any cards from the Pipeline Today or Bookings reports will show up with the same formatting. 

    This solution must be implemented on a report-by-report basis, so we want to make sure we're addressing the most high priority reports first. If there are any other reports where you're noticing an inconsistent format that you'd like to have standardized, please feel free to comment here so we can prioritized accordingly! 

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  • Hi Jay, thanks so much for posting here! I definitely see how this is a confusing and frustrating user experience. We've sent this request over to our Product team and will let you know when we have any updates.

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  • Would like this to be added soon

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