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It would be great if there was a possibility to add custom fields to the Manual Forecast view. Since Salesforce doesn't allow adding custom forecast categories I can imagine many orgs beside ours are trying to overcome this by adding custom fields or markers. For instance, we are using a checkbox as a kind of a fifth forecast category, Manager's Commit (as opposed to the Rep's commit). As long as we can't add this to the Manual Forecast, we can't follow this value's historical progress the way we can with the standard forecast categories and have to continue using Excel. 



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  • Hi Anna,

    Thanks for writing in here!

    When you mention the checkbox that represents a Manager's Commit, my first thought is that the Forecast Entry feature in InsightSquared might be a good fit. We use that ourselves — essentially, it gives the manager the ability to "override" the Rep's commit, while still preserving the ability to see that rep commit, as well as historical trends and accuracy calculations. You can find an Introduction to Forecast Entry in our Support Library.

    That being said, if there are other use cases for your custom categories, we're also happy to talk about ways to get that in the mix as well!

    In case this sounds like it might be useful for what you're looking to report on, we'll follow up with you offline to discuss further and see if we can get this set up as you need!

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