Closed Lost Reason report by employee

I'd like to be able to run an employee opportunity report to see top closed lost reason by rep. This would be insightful for a number of reasons: 

  1. Ability to see what are the top closed lost reasons are for each rep. 
  2. Insight to identify training needs and prospect trends. 


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  • Mabel — thank you for the post!

    For other folks out there who might be looking for this type of info, there are a few options for gathering this information using filtering and custom column:

    1. We could add a column for closed lost reason to the drill from Won/Lost by Employee, which would allow you to scan the lost reasons of recent opportunities

    OR, as an alternate:

    2. We could set up an opportunity owner filter in your Won/Lost by Reason report, so that you could then filter by an individual. From there, we'd recommend adding that to a dashboard so you can easily access that information.

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