Feature Request: Sort by Formula Columns

As an InsightSquared User, I want to be able to sort my tables by custom formula columns, in the same way I can for other columns.

 If I add a column to my report representing, for instance, the days between the "Close Date" and "Start Date" of a contract, I want to be able to sort to easily see the information in order. In this case, I would better understand how near to the "Start Date" we close opportunities, and if we ever "Start" before we "Close."




  • Frankly, I'm surprised this isn't a feature that is already built. I'm fairly disappointed this is the case. What's the point of having formula columns if we're not able to sort or filter these. It's not just text.

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  • This would be super helpful in allowing us to create a bucket-type field and only display the specific information that we are looking for on a card. 

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