Feature Request: Clone dashboard cards to another dashboard

It would be a huge time-saver if users could duplicate dashboard cards directly to another dashboard with the title and all filters intact. Example attached.



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    Hi everyone -- we're pleased to share that this feature has now been released, and you can now copy a dashboard card to the same dashboard or other dashboards. The filter set included will be any filters saved on the card itself -- but not, for example, dashboard level filters. 

    Thank you for your inputs on this feature, and we hope you enjoy! 

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  • Thank you for posting, Erin! I definitely see how this would be helpful time-saver. Our team really appreciates the example picture you provided as well.

    The current workflow of clicking into the report from the dashboard card, adjusting the filters, and adding a brand new card from the report page can definitely be improved. 

    Thanks again for the feedback, and let us know if you have any other questions!

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  • Thanks Bryan, I appreciate the response. I love InsightSquared by the way. :)

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  • I'm glad you enjoy the product, Erin! Thank you again for providing this feedback, this really helps our product team get a clearer view of what customers like yourself want to see in the product.

    Please let us know if you have any other thoughts or questions!

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  • Hello to everyone following this post! I wanted to reach out because our team is investigating this as a story, and wanted to reach out with a few questions about how you'd envision this functionality working. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, or we can reach out to discuss these items with you individually! 

    • Would you want the ability to duplicate a card to be available just to admins, or all users?
    • What dashboards should you be able to duplicate a card to -- just ones that you own, or those that you own and that you're shared on?
    • When duplicating, what would you expect to be able to do: would you want to just have the ability to duplicate it exactly as is, or would you want the ability to change the type of card, edit the text, change filters, etc. at the same moment? 
    • Would you want to be able to duplicate the card onto the same dashboard that you're on, as well as a separate dashboard? Or just one or the other? 

    Thanks in advance to all following this thread and who have voted or commented so far -- its incredibly helpful to hear from you! 

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