Feature Request: Create Custom Segments for Dashboard for better organization

It would be nice to organize your dashboards into custom segments. This is a feature that is highly used by our team in Domo. When you have a large dashboard this helps you organize your card into meaningful segments such as "2018 plan KPIs" vs diagnostics, etc. I realize you could create multiple dashboards as a workaround but it's much faster to navigate a dashboard with collapsible segments. Here is an example.




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  • Hi Erin, thank you for your feedback as well as providing so much detail and an example picture!

    The ability to have collapsable segments on a dashboard is good feedback for our product team and would definitely be helpful when dealing with large dashboards. While creating a different dashboard for each segment is the current workaround, I know that this can cause a bit of clutter in the dashboards drop down in the top right hand corner. 

    Thanks again for the post, this will help our product team as they look towards improving dashboard functionality. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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