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How to track split opportunity by Opportunity team,  percentage of split, Opportunity Team Members etc..



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  • InsightSquared can track one Split Type from Salesforce to use for Employee based reporting. We will take the split percent from that Opportunity Split, and allocate that much of the value that we've calculated (based off of your value/s that we've processed in our portal, not based off of the "split amount" from your Opportunity Split table) to the rep assigned on the Opportunity Split.

    Normally the reports below would either be unavailable (Deal Split or Employee Split pivots), or based up on the Opportunity Owner. The reports that would process off of Opportunity Splits would be:

    • Bookings > By Employee
    • Bookings > By Team
    • Bookings > By Deal Split
    • Employee Scorecard (Bookings)
    • Pipeline Today > By Employee Split

    If you'd like this set up in your instance of InsightSquared, get in touch with the support team at, let us know which Split Type you'd like processed in the InsightSquared platform, and we'd be happy to help!

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