Legends on Dashboard Widgets

When you add a chart to a dashboard from a report screen, the legend on the chart doesn't show up on the dashboard.

This definitely causes some confusion when presenting information to those are seeing dashboard for first time, individuals outside the scope of revenues, etc.

Report Screen (With Legend):

Dashboard Screen (No Legend):


I understand there may be a design, ui, and/or ux reason for not bringing it onto the dashboard, but at minimum being able to toggle it on for individual widgets.



  • Official comment

    Thanks for the request! We've heard your feedback, and understand the challenges that come from not being able to identify series on dashboard cards. As of today, we've released the functionality so that all charts on dashboard cards now have legends!

    For more details you can check out this article, and please keep passing over feedback & requests. Thanks again! 

  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you for posting about this in our forum, and providing those screenshots! They definitely help to show how useful legends could be on some dashboard cards.

    Currently, you are able to hover over the individual sections on the chart to get more detail. However, we can see how a legend would make it ever easier to digest the data.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on this!



  • I'd like to upvote this suggestion. We have a dashboard on a monitor in our sales area. No one has access to the mouse to hover over the chart to see what each color represents. It would be great to have a key on the card so when our Executives take a quick glance, they understand what they are looking at. 



  • Hi InsightSquared Team,


    Saw that you've released a product feature to accommodate this request.  (Very exciting!)

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to access the support article linked above:


    This is what I see when I attempt to access: 


    Once resolved, please update thread so I receive an alert.




  • Hi Eric,


    My apologies I've just updated the article so that link should work now.




    Andy McCarthy

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