Date picker on dashboards

I would like to be able to adjust all of the cards on a dashboard not only via a filter but also with a date picker (i.e. show all cards for last year instead of this year).

For dashboards that were built to look at the current year when the calendar changes over to January the dashboard basically becomes useless because there is not enough data in "This Year" to populate them and make them useful.  To make this change a user would need to go through and edit each card on the dashboard to change the timeframe.  This is extremely time consuming and frustrating for customers.

I hear this issue frequently from customers when building dashboards and seems like it should be a natural piece that goes along with filtering a dashboard.  

The current solution is that each card must be adjusted individually via the card editor.

In a perfect world, we would just add the same functionality that exists at the report level to the dashboard level to let users adjust date ranges of all cards simultaneously.  Understandably this could create some issues because the date picker options sometimes vary based on the report you are looking at, but based on consistent feedback from multiple customers it feels like this pain point would be a small price to pay for a feature that would bring joy to lots and lots of users.





  • This would be so helpful. I spend a lot of time going into each report to change the dates frame (6 month rolling) and there are a lot of reports. 

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  • Was recently on a call with ValiMail who was asking for a product feature that allows us to filter an entire dashboard by a certain date (WTD, Trailing 90 Days, etc.)

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  • We recently started using IS2, and right now, we're using it to better understand what time-frames are most effective for conveying certain types of information to certain internal audiences. Being able to toggle back and forth between a few dates (e.g. Trailing 12 months vs Last Year; or Forward 30 days vs Forward 60 days) would be really helpful right now as we start to learn about our own Salesforce data, and accomplishing this my making a single adjustment at the top of the dashboard that would adjust the dates for all cards would be such a time saver!

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