Customize chart exports with a WYSIWYG chart builder that adds data labels

  • What is the issue you're facing? When my boss asks for a monthly report to share with the board, he needs a handful of charts that show pipeline, bookings, wins/losses, etc.  The default InsightSquared chart exports aren't sufficient because they don't have data labels and the axes are often small and hard to read. The legend is randomly placed, often partially covering data, and I often have to do multiple exports until the legend appears where I want it.
  • Why is this an issue? Every time I create the monthly report, I have to export the IS data and recreate the charts in Google Sheets. It would save so much time and create so much more value if the IS chart exports were clearer so I didn't have to manually recreate them.
  • What is the severity (who is affected, how often, etc.)? Medium - it's generally easy to recreate these charts in Sheets, but annoying when IS already allows chart exports that just need to be improved a little.
  • What is your current solution? To export the data and recreate the charts in Google Sheets.
  • In a perfect world, how would you address this? I would create a WYSIWYG Chart Builder interface that allows you to customize the design and data included in your chart export. On clicking Export and selecting Chart, a window would pop up with the chart as it will appear in the exported image. You can drag the legend around to where you want, lengthen or shorten the axes, add or remove data labels, axis titles, and chart titles. Less critically, you could create and save color themes so the charts conform to your company branding when you insert them into slide decks.


  • John - first, thank you for taking the time to write this up. The detail here on how you're using this functionality is incredibly clear, which is so helpful to us.

    I definitely understand how some improvements to the exports you're using would be valuable. Our product team is working towards building a more flexible product, so input like this is good information for them as they build out future iterations…we'll make sure to flag this need for them, and ask them to reach out should they have any questions or clarifications as they tackle this type of work in the future.

    Feel free to let us know other ways you are currently utilizing InsightSquared visualizations and where you see opportunities for improvement!

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  • Thanks Bryan, appreciate it!

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