Ability to create custom data quality errors

It would be very helpful to have the ability to create custom data quality errors in addition to the system defaults!






  • Hi Doug, thanks for this feedback! Would you be able to provide a few examples of types of custom data quality errors that you would be looking to create? Perhaps we have some workarounds we could offer, but if not, at the very least it will be helpful information for our Product team to determine how we might add that option in. Thanks again! Kara

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  • Here is an example:

    Our Primary field is Close Quarter Revenue. Our Secondary Field is Close Year revenue. When a rep moves out the close date for an Opp from, for example, Q2 to Q3, they often forget to move the scheduled revenue. Thus we have misalignment between the close dates and the revenue schedules. So I would like a data check that there is no revenue in a quarter that is prior to the close date.

    Another example is that we require all Opps to have scheduled revenue when it is in Stage 3 or greater.

    For Renewals there would be a check that the revenue starts in the month of the renewal start (not the close date).

    I could probably come up with a few more if you need them

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