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Hi!  After learning about Pipeline Velocity at RAMP last year, we have made it THE key result for our sales enablement/ops efforts.  In theory, everything we are doing for the sales team should increase their average deal size, opp count, and conversion (numerator variables) while decreasing sales cycles (denominator variable).  

Since there is no tile or report available in IS right now, I'd like to suggest the good folks at Insight Squared add this to the product very soon.


Brendan O'Brien

Director of Sales Enablement and Operations, Solstice



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    We're excited to announce that the Pipeline Velocity report is now live under the Sales Pipeline section of the navigation bar! You can now measure how much value is coming through your pipeline every day.

    Please feel free to check it out and let us know your feedback. A "by employee" pivot is in the works for upcoming release! 

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  • Hi Brendan, that's great to hear you found the information about Pipeline Velocity at RAMP so helpful! I absolutely agree that making this information easily accessible within an InsightSquared report would be a great addition and we've flagged this feedback for out Product team. Do you have a vision in your mind of the ideal way to surface this information in a report? What types of visualizations would be useful?

    Thanks so much for posting this feedback as it will be helpful to gather other customers' responses on this feature as well.



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  • I think it would be good to see "historical pipeline velocity" as revenue sold per month, day, etc, as well as forecast pipeline velocity based on weighted pipeline.  In addition, I think a rolling 3-month pipeline velocity and cumulative "to-date" pipeline velocity would help show the more strategic trends.

    It would also be good to have control over the number of working days in each month that are used for the daily pipeline velocity calculations.

    Happy to take a call if you lake.  Andrew Root and I have been talking about this one and he's been working on a google sheet POC.

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  • Thanks for launching this feature during RAMP '19!

    One thing I would like to see within the data columns is the inter-period movement with (whether up or down), with a green or red Chevron to easily identify if MoM what the change is for each of the products of the velocity graph.


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