Filter by Role on Dynamic Dashboard - Individual View

From a coaching perspective, our Director of Sales needs to be able to see his team while viewing the Account Executive dynamic dashboard. He uses this dashboard to meet with the AE's during their 1:1's. 

Ideally, we'd like to filter down the pick list to just his Account Executives. They have a tag of "AE," so I'd recommend having tags as a way to filter down the list instead of showing each individual that is in Salesforce. 
The team is quite large, so using the search bar is a cumbersome task. 


  • Hi Michelle, thanks for posting this feedback! This is a great idea and I can absolutely see how this would be a useful feature when dealing with a long list of employees. 

    In the meantime, I'd recommend typing the desired employee's name into the search bar rather than scrolling through to find them, but I understand that having to do that for numerous reps could be tedious. 

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  • In general Insight Squared should inherit and follow the Salesforce role hierarchy. We shouldn't have to maintain this data and relationship in two places. 

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