Feature Request: Pipeline Flow for Stage

Can the Pipeline Flow chart be updated so that we can look at individual stage(s)? This would include two columns that have: 

  1. Entered into stage
  2. Exited stage

This would allow us to look at the velocity of certain sections of our funnel, which is incredibly important for us. 

Currently, filtering by Stage results in ALL opportunities that end the period in that stage being included. So the "beginning value" includes pipeline that wasn't in that stage to start, and excluded pipeline that was in the stage, but moved to a different stage.



  • Hi Tim, thanks for posting this feedback! 

    I'm wondering if you may be able to find the information you're looking for through a couple of other existing reports such as:

    Opportunity Changes By Stages - this will show you, for the selected time period, how many opportunities began in each stage and where they ended up at the end of the time period. You can drill into each number to see the specific opportunities.

    Sales Cycle by Won/Lost - this will show you, for opportunities created in a certain time period, how long they spent in each stage broken down by if they were won, lost or are still open. This will allow you to compare how long won opportunities spend in a stage versus lost opportunities and therefore better evaluate the opportunities that are still open.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions about these reports!


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  • I would love to see the Opp Changes by Data and Value report also include those that changed Stages as that information is as critical to the weekly pipeline review and any other data.

    Currently the pivot By Stages does not list the opportunities (it only shows quantities). Thus we cannot use it in our regional pipeline reviews. In order to see the actual list we would have to drill into every single number shown, export to Excel, mash it all together, etc. Thus, another option to solve help us would be if the By Stages pivot showed the actual list of Opps.

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