Webinar Discussion: Spring Cleaning: Does Your Pipeline Spark Joy?

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  • Hey Everyone!  So glad you were all able to attend or at least register for the webinar.  I'd love to hear one key takeaway you had from the session.  Are there any changes you're going to make in your business based on what we discussed?

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  • Thanks for the webinar yesterday. Regarding the StrikeZone report/chart, I was wondering if there is a way to change the number of "Zones". 

    For example, I want to look at subset of my data set which may only fall within 2-4 zones, which isn't as helpful as seeing the same data set across 4-8 or even 8-16 zones. 

    Is there any customization we can do to change the view of the chart?




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  • Hey Danny,


    Thanks for the question!  There are some modifications that you can make to the strike zone pivot on Pipeline Today.  The two key areas that I think resolve your issue is the ability to change the number of "bins" on the x-axis.  This will allow you to create smaller or larger spreads on the graph.  You can also adjust the number of days that we look backward at winning opportunities in each section.  The default is 180 days, but you can customize this to however far back you want to go.

    Hope this is helpful!



    Andy McCarthy

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