Feature Request: Pick Day of the Month to Schedule Monthly Reports

Currenthly, the only option for scheduling a report on a monthly cadence is "First, Last, 2nd to Last, 3rd to Last". It woul be great if we could select the day of the month to send... For example, the 6th of every month. 

Screenshot: https://cl.ly/c00cc8 

Use case: We require all reps to have their forecast in the by 5th of the month EOB. We would like to send a scheudled Forecast Dashboard to the exec team on the 6th of the month, but there is no option to do this. 




  • Hi Kristina,

    Thanks so much for this feedback! I can definitely see why it would be helpful to be able to get more specific with when reports are being sent. 

    For now, you can schedule the report to go out manually after the forecasts are entered. However, this context into why automating that process to send on a specific day every month is great to know!



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  • I would love for this feature to be added, as well. We have a handful of dashboards that go to our Executive team that need to go out on the 5th or mid month. Having this feature would take a lot hassle off of Rev/Sales Ops' plate. 



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