Feature Request: Add third month option to for Manual Forecast by Team Report

We require our reps to forecast rolling three months. This is no problem in the forecast entry interface, as it allows to forecast out the current, next, and third month. That said, it is not easy to see this via reporting or dashboards. This makes it difficult on forecasting calls when trying to look out to the third month the rep has submmited and also to roll this up into an executive view. 

https://cl.ly/07cf5e This screenshot shows that you only have "this" and "next available". 

https://cl.ly/db5e60 Screenshot of dashboard cards







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  • Hi Kristina,

    This is great feedback!

    Our Product team is currently working on updating our Forecasting interface, as well as the suite of reports that are available. So, knowing that a date picker option going further out would be helpful for your team is very useful information for us!

    Thank you so much for sharing and participating in our Community!



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