Feature Request: Be able to remove a forecast override, and return to the rollup value

Within the forecasting module, when a manager puts in an override, it's logical to think that they would want to remove it at some point in the future and go back to the rollup sum. However, the forecasting module does not allow them to delete their override. This is causing us to be required to go into the forecast audit log, and manually delete their entries from the forecasting table to remove their override so that it can return to the rollup value. 


Feature request: be able to remove a manager override and return to the rollup value. 



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  • Hi David, thanks for posting this feedback! Our product team is in the process of developing a new forecast submission platform and a quick roll-up functionality is something the team is currently exploring so this will be useful for them to hear.

    We'll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments around that!


    Thanks again,


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