What are you most excited about?

As a member of the InsightSquared Services team, I love the opportunity RAMP provides to connect face-to-face with our customers and to work through some of their questions and problems in real time. 

Whether it's your third time attending RAMP or your first, we'd love to hear from you what you're most looking forward to!



  • As an Account Manager, I'm most excited about meeting customers face-to-face, while also learning from the incredible lineup of speakers that will be presenting during the conference

  • I'm excited for this year of Ramp to be coming in as an InsightSquared Account Manager to see the internal workings to put on this amazing conference. Last year, as an InsightSquared client, attending Ramp for the first time was a game changer for my role. As a Sales Operations Analyst we had good adoption of InsightSquared but I was searching for ways to continue my education within the tool and Ramp gave me with that opportunity. Ramp also helped me ensure my actions were showing a direct impact on the sales team utilizing InsightSquared. Finally, I had the opportunity to network with other Revenue Operations contacts and share best practices. Yes it was time out of the office BUT the amount of knowledge you gain will easily made up for it with product training and customizing reports, best practice sharing for sales adoption, and direct 1:1 contact with my support InsightSquared team.

  • Happy to be here at RAMP, certification sessions were very informative, can't wait to take the test!

    Karen May


  •  I'm here to experience Ramp and meet all the wonderful staff at InsightSquared. I want to really thank all the wonderful customer support executives who have helped us all through as well. Looking forward to hear more about the features and improvements available for us.

    Priya Ramachandran,


  • Exciting to hear about the every changing technologies better aligning sales and marketing. Thanks InsightSquared!


    Hannah Budreski

    Constant Contact

  • Excited to hear about the emerging trend of consolidation of customer facing ops (Marketing, Sales) and business ops into enterprise wide Revenue Operations and how InsightSquared is enabling this transformation!

    Jake Izikson
    VP Business Operations
    Evolv Technology

  • First time Ramp attendee.  Very excited to hear how others are using InsightSquared.  

  • Super excited about the new product releases and to spend some time with experts in the industry!

  • Excited about all of the content. I am looking to better understand how these orgs (sales, ops, etc.) are being formed/structured. I really like the Pipeline Velocity stuff, and I'm intrigued to learn more about the advancements in forecasting capabilities. 

    Justin Bullock

    Head of Sales, Envoy

  • I am excited to learn different ways to leverage InsightSquared in my management capacity. Curious to hear how other folks use IS in 1:1's and/or team meetings! Pumped to be at RAMP!


    Keegan, Sales Manager @ Envoy

  • So excited to hear from thought leaders (Matt Cameron!) in the Revenue Ops world! Hoping to take some best practices home. 


    Heather, Commercial Ops Mgr @ Rainmaker Group

  • Excited to hear from all the ops thought leaders! 

    Stefanie, Director of Commercial Ops at Rainmaker

  • I am excited to hear about how Linkedin does sales ops Differently 

    Ashley, Sales enablement specialist at Valet Living 

  • I am very excited be at RAMP 2019....it is a great place....and one of the only places to talk about Revenue Ops with other people like me. I love the business thought leader presentations.


    =Kevin Raybon

  • Am enjoying Ramp 2019! Great speakers and content! Thanks to the great InsightSquared team.

    Emily Mays - Synchronoss

  • Let's do RAMP fleeces and / or hoodies!


    Emily Mays - Synchronoss

  • Excited for the rooftop party!

  • Ramp has been a great event so Far!


  • Excited to network with some of the brightest people in RevOps!


    Wil from FullStory

  • I am most excited to learn more about how I can use InsightSquared in a more efficient way. 

  • I'm super excited to see the awesome presentation tomorrow from Anthony McPartlin and Julian Archer from SiriusDecisions. 

    Anthony McPartlin

  • I'm super excited to go back to my company and help them improve their processes through a better understanding of their performance metrics

    - Stephen Freeman, Kasasa

  • Ramp has been awesome so far! Ross and I are conspiring to take over Rev Ops at stella! #paulfauderocks - Sophia Siciliano (Stella Connect)

  • Ramp has been great so far. The certification was super valuable, meeting our rep and all the support team has been wonderful, and I'm excited to keep learning new things about Revenue Ops!


    -Michelle Wilfong-Oliphant, Crownpeak

  • Ramp has exceeded all of my (very high!) expectations. Coming from my position in a growing start-up, the 360-degree perspective of sales + marketing + customer success is incredibly valuable. I've learned so much from the sessions and am heading home with a notebook-full of ideas to implement. 


    - Megan Rainbow, Allovue

  • Ramp has been a great experience thus far! There aren't too many conferences where you get value out of every session but this is definitely one. It's a must attend for all Revenue Operations professionals looking to gain valuable insight and meet top tier individuals!

    - Mitchell Blanchard, FullStory

  • Awesome Day 1! Can't wait to see what Day 2 of RAMP has to offer. Really looking forward to Matt Heinz's session. - Megan Kratzman, FullContact

  • Ramp has been great!  Strong content from a few angles to all influence a more streamlined approach.  Thanks #insightsquared


    - Kara Cedrone, FullContact

  • Day 1 has been great! All the speakers have brought great insight and thought provoking ideas to consider.

    Looking forward to Day 2!


    Morgan Linares, QTS

  • The depth and breadth of what has been covered thus far has been incredibly valuable.  Great and passionate speakers. Appreciate the focus on Revenue Operations!

    Leslie Roth, QTS

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