What are you most excited about?

As a member of the InsightSquared Services team, I love the opportunity RAMP provides to connect face-to-face with our customers and to work through some of their questions and problems in real time. 

Whether it's your third time attending RAMP or your first, we'd love to hear from you what you're most looking forward to!



  • I was thrilled to see the new reports and features, need to get on the Beta short list. Looking forward to the Keynote tomorrow.

    Ray Rambarran


  • Sessions have been great, and love the direction that Revenue Ops is headed in leading the business.


    Justin Rogers




  • Ramp is always a great event, from the wisdom the speakers have to how other companies deal with their issues and building out a rev ops team.


    Thank you!

    Nick Z.


  • Really enjoyed Todd Abbott's session on Thursday. Great, tangible, matter-of-fact information that we can pick up and run with right away.


    - Rob Ford, Revel Systems

  • 2nd year at Ramp, and definitely not going to be the last. Excellent information around revenue operations. Shout out to Upgrading the revenue engine hosted by SiriusDecisions. 


    Frank Cinque, LaunchSource

  • Excited to see the capabilities of pulling data out of SFDC and putting into usable slices for insight and running the business, as opposed to the constant wrestling with Excel and pivots... 

  • Ramp is awesome! 

    Key Take-aways so far:

    • Look at your entire revenue pipeline + pinpoint the breakdown + fix that (if you don't have a lead conversion issue don't focus on fixing it!)
    • Work towards being a strategic partner, not just a field-adder/problem fixer!
    • The reason I wasn't able to add campaigns in SFDC Lightning was because "Marketing User" wasn't checked off in my user profile (lol duh)

    Jacki Leahy, LinkSquares

  • I've been loving RAMP, the sessions are extreme helpful and the concepts are on point. On the whole I the event aligned the world of revenue operations and operations in general really well with the benefit that analytics and insights can provide to organizations across the board!


    Nick Adams


  • Ramp really helped to understand more about Revenue Ops and Revenue engine alignment.

    Thank you for the valuable conference!

    - Ayla Lee, Acquia

  • Ramp is great! A lot of great insights from industry experts!

    Chris Paquet - Veracode

  • I can't believe there are pink Ramp T-shirts!!!!!!

  • Hearing about best practices and how other SaaS companies are using InsightSquared

  • Ramp is SOLID so far. Learned a ton and have only been here 4 hours. Great presentations, especially from the Sirius Decisions team. Also the InsightSquared team is super cool and friendly. Happy to be here! 

    Jerry Bonura from TwentyPine

  • Loving Ramp so far! Great to hear from some of the top Rev Ops professionals, and learning a ton. Everyone is friendly and excited to implement some of things we have learned to our team.


    -Bri, Twentypine

  • Ramp has been a refreshing few days. The size of the conference is perfect for engaging vendors and other attendees. I've appreciated hearing that there is no one size fits all to revenue operations, but feel confident in the foundational lessons shared in the sessions. 

    - Brooke C. 

  • Ramp is  a great combination of focus, size, and content.  This ability to network with people from around the country that live in similar ecosystems has been great.

    - Michael Funk, Jvion.

  • Great event bringing together the revenue ops community.  Great venue and speakers.  Would love to see some peer group breakouts next year as well as some content directed at professional services sales, in addition to the product/SaaS focused content.  Thanks and see you next year!!

    - Brendan O'Brien, Solstice

  • Ramp was a great experience! Amazing speakers who gave great tips on the sales ops career! It was also good to meet the support team and have ongoing conversations with them.

    - Shirley Guo, GLG

  • Very Excited to be at Ramp ! Sessions are informative and fun, can't wait to test!

  • This was my first RAMP event and it has been great! I have learned more about DUW today then last six months. and have a better understanding of how rev ops relates to my job. Great job, and keep it up!

    - Prasanna Kulkarni, Acquia.

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