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I would like to add the total row to the table card on a dashboard. The total is on the report but it can't be added on the dashboard. 



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    Hi everyone! 

    Our Voice of the Customer team is currently investigating this functionality, and we want to reach out to you with some questions about how you'd expect this feature to work. 

    1. What should the "total" row on the table card consist of? 

    Let's take an example where I have a report with a base total row that consists of the sum of 100 rows. In the report, I've selected 50 of those rows. The dashboard card will only display 25 of those rows. Should the dashboard total card row display:

    a. The total of the “Base” report, made up of the 100 rows
    b. The total of the selected rows, made up of 50 rows
    c. The total of the displayed rows, made up of 25 rows


    2. Should this total row exist on ALL table cards? Or is it important to be able to toggle this on and off? 


  • Hi Sophia,

    Thank you for posting in our Product Feedback Forum!

    I can definitely see why adding the Total onto dashboard Table cards would be helpful in seeing the information at a glance, rather than by clicking through to the report. As a workaround for now, I would suggest adding headline cards to the dashboard based on the totals you need from the base report. Then, you can view the table and the totals next to each other, just on different cards.

    Please let us know if you have any questions on this!



  • Yes, headline cards are fine but they take up space and draw attention away from other charts that are more important. 

  •  I agree with Sophia. As we have now deployed to a significant number of people who use totals in departments other than Sales (Finance, Pro Svcs, Cust Care, etc.) and support dozens of dashboards it is quite a challenge to keep up to date all the filtering,etc. for all the cards. Plus it is quite messy.

    I would add totals to the rows in addition to the columns.

  • Plus the headline cards often don't show the full number. I need to see $277,891 for example, and a headline card might only show $277K. 

  • Thank you, everyone, for your replies here! This information is very helpful regarding why the totals will be more useful that headline cards.

    Feel free to let us know of any additional context!




  • I totally agree that totals on the cards would be extremely helpful.  We often show data for our 4 selling lanes and without the totals, the card seems incomplete.

    Another feature that would make these selling lane cards more useful would be if we could pull in last year's data for a growth comparison. 

  • Hi Steph,

    That's great to hear! I'm not using the table card in that way, but if I did have 100 rows in the underlying data and the dashboard only showed 25 rows, I would expect to see the total of the 25 rows. So option C!

    I think that as a first step, the total row can exist for all table cards. Then down the road maybe you can add the ability to toggle it on and off.

  • For our uses I would want option 1 which would be the total of the Base report. The row limit is self imposed by IS. However, when there is actually more data I need to know the overall total.

    One example for us is that often these reports are already filtered by Forecast Category/Region/Product, etc. and what we want to know if how much revenue is expected during the period. Thus, just summing the rows shown is not that valuable since it is an incomplete data set.

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