Historical look at weighted forecast

I would love to see a report on how well the weighted forecast worked historically. So, be able to see where IS2 was forecasting we would hit vs where we actually ended up. Perhaps on a monthly and Quarterly basis? This would give us awesome insight to how accurate the forecast is at the beginning vs the end of the quarter. 



  • Hi Kate,

    Thanks for posting in our Feedback Forum!

    I can definitely see why seeing the accuracy of the Weighted Forecast would be useful on your end. Your context here, and suggestions about time periods, allow us to better understand your needs, so we can better help you.

    Again, thank you for your suggestion, and please let us know of anything else!



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  • I must second this request. I went ahead and took snapshots of the weighted forecasts back on April 1st. But a more systematic way to compare any start and end period would be great.

    The point of this would be for everyone to gain confidence in the forecasting and, as important, to understand what factors affect the accuracy. n our case it's the "whale sales" that skew everything.

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  • Also upvoting for the same reasons. Luckily I have a screenshot from April 18th so can kind of see what the forecast was at the beginning of the quarter. It would be useful to have a monthly view of the weighted pipeline just to see compare our actuals vs. the forecast throughout the quarter.

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  • I agree with the above, would definitely like to see a historic view. This will assist us in gaining trust with our stakeholders over the past forecasts and improve our forecasting process.

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