Webinar Discussion: Managing Your Customer Success Team with InsightSquared

Curious what your fellow InsightSquared users thought about today's webinar? Post here any follow-up questions or discussion about managing your customer success team! 



  • Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for all of the great questions and energy during today's webinar.  Let's continue the conversation!  If you have questions or want to discuss best practices around Customer Success we'll be here answering questions and continuing the conversation.

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  • Hi there, super excited about what i saw today.  Assuming all that was viewed is available today, correct?  Have you given any thought to metrics around timing of renewals?  We have a goal to complete renewals and invoice clients 45 days ahead of their expiration.  Is there a way to track this?  We currently have stages that move it from a Acct Mgmt completion (stage 9) which means they are done and now Finance can invoice (they flip to Stage 10 when complete).  Very interested in a way to track performance against this metric and how it trends over time.

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  • Hi Annmarie,


    Thanks so much for reaching out.  You are absolutely right that everything we showed will be sent out in an email a little bit later today.  As far as your questions regarding the timing of renewals I think it probably makes sense to have a call with our Support Team or your Account Manager so that they can walk you through some best practices and talk to you about how other clients have handled similar situations.  


    Thanks for keeping the conversation going and please let me know if you have any other questions.




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