Average Deal Size and Average Age Over Time

I think it would be extremely beneficial if there was a report that displays average deal size and average age over time. Preferably this would be visually represented like a Bookings - Over Time or Pipeline History - Inflow/Outflow (value) report. 

X-axis = Close Month by month
Y-axis = Amount
Bars would represent average amount and line plots on each bar would be average age for the close month. 
All the necessary data is available just not sure if this would lie under Sales Velocity (since all the necessary data is there) or somewhere within the Sales Results group. 


  • Hi Michael,

    These metrics can be found in some existing reports in your InsightSquared portal. For average deal size over time, this is available on the Deals - Value Over Time report. For average age over time, this is available on the Sales Cycle report and specifically as the Total Days column.

    Thank you for posting your feedback here, and if you have any further questions I'd be happy to follow up in a support ticket!

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  • Hey Brian, 

    Thanks for the follow up. Yes we can get the metrics separately was, just hoping there might be a way to visualize the report I was referring to. I have chatted with Wayne regarding this, and he mentioned I should post in the community.



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