"New Opportunity" Goals

It would be very useful if we could set goals (monthly and annual) for the amount of new opportunities created with the same functionality thats currently available for setting booking/revenue/deals/leads goals

I know we can set a goal for leads but ultimately it's the creation of new opportunities that I really focus on as the quality of "leads" varies massively.

Being able to track where we are in terms of new opportunity creation would be very useful. I have to do this in using Salesforce dashboards at the moment and would much prefer it to be done in Insight Squared where all the other analytics takes place.



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  • Hi Jamie,
    A number of our customers have this same need (including us here at IS2) and, have implemented solution to get this into your reporting!

    You can set goals for opportunity creation for individual employees on the Employee Activity tab on the Goals page in settings. This will simply require ensuring you have an activity set up in InsightSquared for "Opp Created". 
    I'll follow up with a ticket with you to get this implemented -- thank you again for posting to the Community!
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